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At Advanced Thermostats, hunter thermostat design, installation and maintenance will be provided to you at an affordable price. You will find a great variety of designs from the programmable to non-programmable, air purifiers, hunter humidifiers as well as ceiling fans. Our experts have been designing and installing the hunter thermostats to thousands of households for decades. This makes us the leaders in the industry for heating and cooling of your home for comfort and peace of mind.


Advanced Thermostats Hunter thermostats services

Our online store will cater for high quality and standard hunter thermostat requirements. Proper energy utilization is usually at the heart of every hunter thermostat that you acquire. We are very keen with the design and installation so as to ensure that you make the most out of your hunter thermostat. You will be guaranteed that your hunter thermostat will pay itself in the very first season after purchasing. It uses little power to offer efficient temperature control at your home. Call us on 888-422-5598 so that the various aspects of the thermostat can be discussed and hammered out. For big or small budgets, you will find the ideal hunter thermostat that you require.


Tailor made hunter thermostat Services

At Advanced Thermostats, hunter thermostat is designed with the specific details relating to your home such as the size, materials used to design your home and the use it will be put into. These specifications are important as they ensure that your taste and preference are put into consideration in coming up with the ideal thermostat for your home. In other words, the thermostat will be custom-made to suit you 100%. Our experts will assist you in the procurement, installation, maintenance and repair. The installation in particular is done carefully to ensure that the thermostat does not have any inherent defect that could make ineffective in the cooling and heating functions. Talk to us for more information on how you can maximize your time, money and effort in the ideal hunter thermostat.

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Service that you receive should be of high standard. No one wants to find shabbily dressed technicians who are drunk, smelling of cigarette smoke or messy. Our technicians are pre-screened to ensure that those who come to serve you are well groomed and well behaved. If the contrary happens, you will be entitled to free service.


Repair work is done on the hunter thermostat, air filter and fan to ensure that there are no defects in the system. Parts that are faulty will be removed and replaced with new ones. Most of the hunter thermostats come with warranty so that in case of detected defects, repair is offered at no cost. Talk to us on 888-422-5598 for details.

Replacement Install

Replacement install is offered to remove any system, whole or in part that may interfere with normal functions of the hunter thermostat. You will realize that there are some elements in the thermostat, air filter or the fan that may fail to function as expected. You will receive a free replacement install or you can ask for immediate refund.

For a professional quote, kindly call 888-422-5598 to book an appointment and get expert advice from the industry leaders.

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